What is your favorite approach?

Please answer the question above. For example I like approach RWY 14 at Zurich. (LSZH)

Definitely the visual approach in Paro Airport (both ends are challenging, RW15 more so)

Gibraltar and Innsbruck are quite fun!

The approach to Juneau(PAJN) is my favorite because of it’s beautiful scenery.

I hate to be that guy, but a quick search brought up 5+ topics of the same format and title, all closed. Do we really need another one of these threads?


Mine is the Potomac approach at KDCA on rwy 19 for a couple of reasons. One is because its my home airport an two you are flying right next to restricted airspace. If you go to far off to the left then you will get shot down by some SAMs on the top of the White House lol. I think there is one I am going to find that is way better but this one is my favorite for now.

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