What is your favorite approach or departure?

The title has the question, mine is the Hong Kong Approach because of the sight of the astonishing mountains. It looks so beautiful! I know this is a duplicate. But that was 2015.


Honolulu - absolutely beautiful!


Any approach around the Carribean or Florida does it for me. I just love the tropical mood it gives you on approach and takeoff.


I love VQPR-Paro Int’l. Hardest approach out there, and has lots of scenery.
EDIT: IRL, Probably LCY or LHR.


NZQN amazing mountains ⛰


Do you mean approach to be a passenger on or an approach in IF?

It is in #real-world-aviation so I’m guesing real life


Well I would say MMPR. Just flew it on Wednesday


I do not recall any approaches into Hong Kong that flies over mountainous areas. The 25R approach is just over Sai Kung, Shatin and Tsuen Wan with 1/2 small mountains in between. The 07L approach is skimming the sides of Lantau which is majority over the ocean.

Favourite approach for me is Vancouver

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I’m sorry I meant the sight.

My favorite approach that I have done in real life is Albuquerque. It was on 26, but I don’t know what it is called. We were on downwind and did a really short base turn onto final. My second is Brisbane, we were on a Qantas 747 and the beautiful view of Australia as we were on final was stunning!

SLC, MIA, and any island in the Carribean area.

My favorite approach is PEEKK3 into KDEN or the RNAV into MMPR. Favorite departure is SPAZZ3, also at KDEN

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canarsie climb, kjfk
anyang 1a, rksi

Honolulu, Kona, and Maui are my favorite but I also like St.Kitts and there’s a lot more that I like as well

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I personally enjoy Kona. I believe there is (please correct me if im wrong) but Mauna Kea is a wonderful sight.

Kona was great and cool approach and yes you correct there is

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Cairns, Australia is my favorite. Such great tropical sight up north! :)

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Favourite approach: Queenstown Airport
Favourite departure: Wellington Airport

Even tho I live in Singapore I love NZ airport so much. Been there a few times and it’s amazing!!!

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I remember when I fly to Berlin Schonefeld. It was beautiful. The city, the countryside, the final approach. Outstanding.