What is your favorite airport in IF?


for me i would chose KJFK

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Either JFK or FLL.

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My favorite is the Guarulhos SBGR, I like him a lot


My favourite airports are KSFO, VHHH and KLAX, all very scenic airports to land at as well as taking off from! if I had to choose one though it would be VHHH! 😁

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  • LFPG the best
  • LFMN the most beautiful landing
  • KSFO parallell landing
  • LEBL face in the sunset
  • EDDF in the forest

NTAA Papeete. Beautiful
CYUL my home airport


My favorite airport is:

K R I C 😏

guess why…

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Just some airport in the USA
It’s totally not my name in IFC


Definitly LFMN


Has to be Nice Côte d’Azur (LFMN) beautifully located and always enjoy the approach regardless of the weather


Definitely OMAA. It’s so beautiful when I come from the east flying over the mountains in Oman 🇴🇲 and from the north flying over the beautiful Abu Dhabi




VHHH is my favorite because of the scenery 🤩


I would say NZWN, NZAA, and NZCH, all because of the beautiful approaches and scenery.


Mine is PHNL or VHHH

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from my Country SBGL and SBGR Out of Country Only KLAX and EGLL and also EDDF


My favourite is for sure Phuket City’s airport! Love the approach right above the water and the hills around the aiprort!


For some reason I like Oceanside Muni ( KOKB ) because of its approach over the ocean and beach of Southern California and the short runway. It makes the approach exciting!


KATL because I live here

but I’m from Boone NC that’s 2 hours away (drive time) from any airport. So then KAVL that needs updating in IF but irl is being upgraded with a new runway to be finished this year until they start with upgrading the terminal in 2020



Mine is Cancun’s airport, beautiful approach