What is your favorite airport in IF?


It would have to be KPDX (Portland Int.). No one ever seems to go there though.


Definitely LFMN (Nice) in southern France. Great Approaches, nice views.


While i love EKCH, and usually fly out of that airport - Nothing beats a tricky approach into LOWI or the beautiful scenery around PHNL!


My favourite is LTFM :)


Innsbruck Kranebitten is my personal favorite. The landing is so beautiful with the mountains surrounding Innsbruck! However, it is not my home airport which is in Montreal. CYUL is my second favorite with London Heathrow being my third favorite.


That’s nice.


My favourite airports are Vienna (LOWW) and Innsbruck (LOWI)


VNLK baby ;) hats off to anyone who knows which airport this is without looking it up


OMDB by far
I love the approach from the sea when you see the Jumeira palm and world map




NZQN (Queestown) This airport is like, perfect lol. It’s incredible beautiful and the approach isn’t as nail biting as it seems (Unless your doing Runway 23 approach, that can be a tad harder :D)

I should probably be saying KIND, but it’s pretty bland LOL. If we had 3D Buildings though it would be beautiful to fly over the skyline!


My favorites: RKSI KDFW. CYVR. ZBAA . ;)


I like KLAX because there are many people.😂


LOWI, place is too beautiful
KASE, nostalgia of pre global
KSLC, love flying around the mountains on approach


My favorite airports in IF: RCTP, WADD, VRMM, TNCM, PHNL.


Any airport which need to back taxi !!! XD
But RJTT Tokyo Haneda still my favorite anyway


KAUS,KDFW,KALT,EGLL,EHAM,and KLAX are my favorites


Lately I’ve been liking…

  • KIAH

  • KEGE

  • KBUR

  • KABQ


I really love LSTA, it’s an airport, not @Luke_Sta


I have many, but if I had to pick one, I’d choose KIAD