What is your favorite airport in IF?


Favorite airport is Boston Logan Airport because it’s my home based airport!


Mine is probably Los Angeles


Dubai, you really can’t beat that approach


My favorite airport is MMTJ because it is the airport in the city where I live and I have good experiences there


KSBA Santa Barbra It has a beautiful approach with routes to KDEN,KSEA,KLAX and a few others.


I think I forgot to mention I really like BWI

Oh and TXKF has a beautiful approach




Honestly LAX is my favorite. Especially when I am flying from it on the casual server. I don’t know exactly why I like LAX but maybe it’s because I see loads of other pilots there :)


VHXX, EGLL (bc it’s busy), WMBT, YSSY


In terms of IF…I don’t have favourites so it’s going to be the one which I always spawn in…WSSS. This is because I know where I am going in terms of taxiing to which gate/terminal/runway and I will never get lost or miss my turn. 2nd most spawned-in airport would be EGLL because it’s big and I’m in BAVA so yeah.


I enjoy Heathrow and LAX for the sheer fact that you always have “company” from fellow pilots when using these airports. You also have a better chance of finding some active ground/tower ATC


That’s exactly how I feel!


KSAN is a favorite; I miss the old days before global when KSAN would be really busy; you’d always have ATC


My favorite is VRMM and WADD, you get breathtaking views when you land.


PVD is my home and favorite airport, and it is never really crowded. It keeps getting new flights, even some are international. One downside: Allegiant operates there…


My favourite airport is WIII aka Soekarno Hatta International (CGK) :)


Hey, I love BUF! Flew in there once for a family thing, nice little airport!


Well for me it goes:


Hello all! I’m a new player/pilot here on IF. I stumbled across this wonderful flight sim one awfully boring evening and decided to make the $$ investment having come to understand I could experience what it was like to fly in and out of KABQ. So that’s my top choice for now. Looking forward to reading through this thread and checking out some of all of your favorites!


i love KSFO. i like to controll it as well. it fun because the runways cross