What is your favorite airport in IF?


I’m honestly not sure. I fly in and out of so many airports, they all get mixed together…I fly out of KATL the most just because I’m in DLVA. So…Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport? 😂


1:KOLD(Great GA, plus home airport)
2:KBOS(Closest major airport)
3:KDCA(Love the river vis)


Obviously KLAX
Lol no CYYC

did you really think I would say KLAX

I just hate that on expert server, when atis comes in for Calgary and everything is incorrect, just arrrg. We use 1 runway for departure and 1 for takeoff on the 35/17L and R. Either way I still salute you IFATCs!


You guys should all know my favorites

  • KLGA
  • KLGA
  • KLGA
  • KLGA
  • Also KLGA
  • Did I mention KLGA?

Also, I’m kidding lol


hey do you go to ATL


KBOS, Boston, MA, USA, General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport.


I’m loving LAX and KSAN airports atm after my trip during the summer


Kmkl once its added in but rn I’m not sure. Probably tffj.


I do fly to KATL in IF, although I haven’t stopped by there in a while.

I have only been to KATL once in real life.

Once I achieve the appropriate rank in DLVA, I will change my hub from KSLC to KATL


LXGB - Beautiful Approach, Amazing Scenery. Plus, there is a road through the middle of the runway!


NQZN - Queenstown

  • Stunning & Challenging Approach!
  • Scenery is Awesome!

Never been there in real life but I have been there countless amount of times in Infinite Flight.
I would definitely recommend this airport to someone who is looking for a challenging approach and some awesome scenery.


I Like KAUS because its my home airport and because it is a exact replica. Minus buildings though


For me

  • Denver International (KDEN)
  • Jefferson County/Rocky mountain Metro Airport (KBJC)
  • Long Beach Airport (KLGB)
  • Chicago Midway Airport (KMDW)
  • Moline-quad Cities international (KMLI)
  • DEN- Awesome
  • BJC- Awesome
  • LGB- Awesome
  • MDW- Awesome
  • MLI- Why not?


Minds is KFLL because it’s my favorite airline home base airport


that’s good i have been to atl several times and i always go into vegas because that is my home airport


Adding to my list
4:CYKA(beautiful departure off of 26 over Lake Kamloops)
5:KDAB(Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)


Wait is KATL your home airport or is KLAS your home airport


I’ll do a flight to KSJC SOMETIME


Klas is my home airport but i like atl airport


Lukla is a good one, must try flying there