What is your favorite airport in IF?


For me:

  1. EHTE (Teuge airport great for GA)
  2. EHAM (Schiphol great with many runway options)
  3. LOWI (Innsbruck airport great views


Its my home Airport Mannheim city EDFM


I‘m going with EDDM. My all time favourite commercial airport and one of the two main HUBs of the best airline. It’s awesome to have parallel flying planes during approach.
Sadly my actual home airport isn’t included just yet. :(


Kai Tak, I love the checkerboard approach.


NZQN aha
The approach is beautiful!


Tempelhof airport. (It’s closed now btw) I love the circle taxiways around the runways.


Mine is KBOS, OMDB and RJTT


Here are my favorites:

1. John F. Kennedy Int’l
2. John F. Kennedy Int’l
3. John F. Kennedy Int’l
It’s also my home airport. (Other than KLGA)


Well this is a very biased topic😂

Let me help you out with mine 😉

Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Buffalo Niagara International Airport

The #2 Airport in America only behind John Wayne SNA 👍🏼


My favorite is KLAX. Very open and big airport :)

  1. LGIR
  2. EGKK (home airport)
  3. LEAL


I don’t know my favorite airport i think Schiphol (EHAM) than frankfurt (EDDF) and than Heathrow (EGLL) an than Réunion (FMEE) you have to land here its so beautiful and at least Eindhoven (EHEH)
Does anywane land on these 5 airports??


I like EGLC, LGSK, KPVD, and KEWR.
LGSK because of how low the planes fly
KEWR because of the huge displaced thresholds
KPVD because it’s my home airport


My favorite airport irl and on IF is KAMA because of its crazy wind speeds some days and the crosswinds are 20+knots which is crazy.


Mine is khsv. Huntsville, AL. Home airport. Fun to do pattern work and touch and goes on.


Personally, I favorite KLAS. For the many who’ve seen, short final to 19L, the view is stunning. The moment you land, you are greeted with the Las Vegas Strip, and the Luxor…


EGLL, you can fly anywhere from London.


My favorite airport is KPIT because i fly out of there all the time and it is nice


Guess what mine is?


(you’re probably not the brightest bulb if you didnt guess that… 😂)


Wait, @Riley_Grim says so too?! 😵