What is your favorite airport in IF?


EDDS (Stuttgart), CYVR (Vancouver) and CYYZ (Toronto)


EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)
VRMM (Malé)
NTAA (Faa’a)

  1. ESMS because its litterally 20 minutes away from me.
  2. GCTS because I love Tenerife.
  3. EKCH because it is a 30 minute drive away.

Least likes airport (IRL at least).

  1. Gatwick because it is dreadfull in every single way, but at least the train there was on time.


My favourite is KLAX.


So many people sleep on TJSJ! Every single time the east coast plus the carribean is active, its always TNCM, never my hometown SJU!


mine are :

  • WIII (Jakarta Soekarno Hatta) because I’m familiar with the real world traffics and parkings here
  • SVMI (Venezuela Simon Bolivar) because it is perfect for doing patterns, even with heavies.

  1. Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (WIII)
  • Because it’s my local airport and I’m familiar with the layout of the airport
  1. Singapore Changi (WSSS)
  • Because it’s the base of my favorite airline
  • Most visited airport other than Jakarta’s SHIA
  1. Sochi Adler Airport (URSS)
  • Caucasus mountains on the north side of the airport gives a challenging approach to the airport


yes that’s right, I also like Sochi International Airport, in addition to the challenging approach, the scenery around the Sochi airport, looks cool. Yesterday I flew from UUEE to URSS with IPP team🙂


Considering I live in LAS and there are many airports not far of a trip from there I would say KLAS


Considering I also live in Las Vegas, would have to come to conclusion with KLAS


I love to fly to Hamilton island because you fly right over the great barrier reef as you descend.


My favorite airports are EGLL, KLAX and KSFO.



  • WAHH - Adisujitpo Intl’

  • WIII - Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta

  • KSNA - Orange County John Wayne

  • NWWW - Noumea La Tontouta


Any airport where @Tom_Grollman crashes


I prefer Los Angles (KLAX) Due to the modest layout and exceptional traffic.


EGCC - Manchester - Only Airport with 2 functional 10k ft runways outside of London
OMDB - Airport layout one of a kind


I <3 Dulles (KIAD). Kinda sucks that there are few people that use Dulles in IF.


I like to visit Cairns Airport, Australia every now and then as the views are stunning!
Mountains on one side, ocean on the other!


Dude its impossible to like every airport in the game like are you that torn?