What is your favorite airport in IF?


I know that feeling. My local airport is VMMC and I always fly there, irl and in IF, but there are rarely people there as it’s basically right next to VHHH.


KFK OR KCLT we need more people at KCLT


KNUC - Because memories!


I enjoy the approach for EDDF and I fly there very often in IF, so thats probably my favourite for that reason.


We get it, its your home airport


yes that’s true, at KNUC Airport lots of memories, events and stories, I miss KNUC heheheh…


Simply answering a question, my friend.


Take a wild guess…


Anchorage and Juneau


KRIC or Boston Logan is my favorites


It’s obviously not KPIT, is it? 😏


For me EHAM and second EHTE


KPHL and KSFO are my favorite


Now that you mention it, i think i’ll make a flight next week to both VMMC and KSJC as @BigBert10 mentioned. I wanna show some support to these smaller airports although i’ve never been there IRL nor in IF, i’ll fly there either way. And do understand your frustration as the Big Classic Bravo takes all the spotlight, cough “Hongkong” erhm


I don’t think this is a real airport. Please fix it to KSJC yes I am a KSJC freak XD

Thanks for showing support to my home airport


I knew it, that i’d mess up 😅

Have edited the original post now to KSJC


Greed with this! DFW represent!

On that note, after yesterday, LOWI became my favorite approach, was beautiful with a great approach controller that put me right into the canyons


With Male being a favourite, I like Paris as I fly there a lot. But before that Addis Ababa is just below Male.


EHAM because runways, runways, runways. Runways for days.


So for challenges, Queenstown, Wellington is both very cool in New Zealand and Paro in Bhutan
But in the big operation rather Istanbul LTBA and Frankfurt as well as London Paris etc