What is your favorite airport in IF?


Well yeah, answer the question above. My favorite airport is WSSS, because it is amazing, and quite interesting as well.

What’s your Favorite Airport in Infinite flight?
Name three airports that you fly often
What is your favorite Airport?
What is your most preferred airport destination/route?
What Is Your Favorite Airport to Fly Into To?
Favorite Airport
Your top 3 favorite Airports in IF
Airports you mostly fly

Normally you would be looked down upon significantly for saying that, but a recent search has found that this topic is not a duplicate!

Like you probably guessed, KDFW is my favorite airport!


I’d say my favorite airport in Infinite Flight is the same as in real life:


In the California region, I would get so pissed off since I see everyone on IF; expert, casual, and training; fly to/from the nearby KSFO. Yes, I know I can’t control this and people can fly where they want to fly.

I hope KSJC gets attention by Infinite Flight users in the future.


I’ve flown there from KSMF in IF. The airport is very nice.

Although… KLAS needs some attention. I barely see one or two aircraft in Nevada but never on route to LAS


Well, I almost never see flights to/from KSJC. I would sometimes see KLAS having 2-5 planes, but KSJC would always be sitting in the dust because of the nearby KSFO.
It is sad seeing your home airport not getting any attention :(


Also, I’m going to say that Mark knows KLAS since it is a pretty popular airport IRL. But I don’t think he knows KSJC, but he does know KSFO.

Unless Mark Denton himself sees this post, I won’t expect any FNF there but I can see a FNF event at KLAS sometime in the future. :(


Large Airports:

  • KMIA
  • EGLL
  • VHHH
  • OMDB

Small Airpots:

  • LOWI
  • LPMA
  • NZQN
  • LFKC


My favorite airport is KDCA but it makes me mad that most of the people dont folllow the restrictions in the Airport


Of course it’s MMPR. Love the approach throught the mountains!


How is it not KJAC!? O:
I feel like 90% of your flights either start or end there


True, forgot about it somehow. My last 5 flights have been to or out of JAC

Updated list


KEWR and KORD are my favorites


WSSS , NZQN, NZWN and EGLL for the traffic.

CYTZ is nice and challenging as well as Maldives international!


Exactly, the runway 19 river visual, aircraft no larger than 757/A321 I see this commonly with the few planes KDCA gets


I do the visual 19 everyday I hate that people flies over DC Im proud that KDCA was my home airport for 2 years


Favourite airport had to be Male, VRMM.


KLAS is a favorite from its Terminal layout.


WIII / CGK, is my favorite airport

  • I really enjoyed Reno (KRNO) when I flew there

  • I love Baku (UBBB)

  • I think Nairobi (HKJK) is wonderful

  • Queenstown (NZQN) is pretty nice

  • Tel Aviv (LLBG) is also pretty nice

  • Chengdu (ZUUU) is a very good one too

Basically I have many favourites


These are some of my favorites as of now.
Many more may be added or removed from this list.

  • Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA)

  • Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)

  • Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)

  • Los Angeles Intl. / LAX (KLAX)