What is your favorite airplane?

Well I guess I’ll just have to delete my post

mine is the dash q400

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These are some nice photos! Good work. Not a bad way to introduce a broad question with some photos.


No @Blue_Lantern don’t delete it! You have some very nice photos here, thanks for sharing!

You’re new to the IFC, and it’s ok to make a few mistakes. I love the photos, and am glad you are sharing them with us 😊

No need to bully the new guys, folks. Let’s welcome them with open arms.


Who flagged my post? I was just telling him that topics like this are not allowed on #screenshots-and-videos

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Great pictures! It’s nice to see some unedited ones for once.


mine is a350


Beautiful aircraft indeed

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Very nice photos!👍 My favorite is the 77W, 787, or the A350🙂

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737, 738 and 739

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Delta CRJ-900 and the Delta A319! they are very beautiful planes and are very comfy!

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Mine Is definitely The world’s Best Airline’s A380

That’s In real life.

In Infinite flight, It’s the A320 for now.


It depends on the day, some days I like the A320 family, some days an E-Jet but overall my absolute favorite is either A310, 727, L1011, DC-9 or 767.


Definitely the A320

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Really like the pics keep up the good work


Welcome to the IFC!

Good choice the A320

These might help you get started

The B747, Queen of the Skies. Definitely my favourite

We have too many “Whats your favorite…” threads already and is not the purpose of this category.