What is your favorite airline and why?

Because I live in India and many of my friends like LCC’s like IndiGo while I like full service carriers like Vistara and the now defunct Jet Airways.
Please share your opinion!!! :)

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Hey @phoenix006, thanks for taking the time to post today.

While it may be a fun topic to discuss, they usually become repetitive, unproductive, and sometimes even controversial. As a result, topics like these aren’t usually permitted. However, don’t be discouraged! Please feel free to join in the discussion in another topic, that’s what the forum is all about.

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Sorry for that!

I am new to this community so I don’t know all the rules

No worries! I’d highly recommend checking out the #meta:forum-guide category before posting your next topic. It’s got some information that will enhance your experience here significantly.

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Please refer to the highlighted post above.