What is your favorite aircraft?

Mine is the 777 (77W) to be in particular but any 777 is fine with me! What about yours?


My favourite airplane is the mighty A380 , love that plane

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Mine is the 788 Dreamliner

787/777/A340-500. They all look great

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707, DC-8, DC-9 & Sons, CV-880/-990

The Airbus A380 the giant among the skies

A340, and A380 (Even If I had only flown one time with an A380).

Now, I would love to try and 747!

Ahh! Mine is the Classic B747-SP! It’s small, but powerful.

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717, 777, 787 are mine

Boeing 747-8

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The Triple 7.

767, Lear 45

The A380 is my favourite

Cessna 172P a350 DA 42 twinstar!

B777 & ERJ’s

777-2ER is my love, a close second os the 737-9ER. Both are so awesome!

Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range)

You cannot beat an ATR42/72 for all round fun when flying. A380 is impressive as it is just so big

Boeing 737-700 or 737-800.

Used to despise Airbus, but the A380 is growing on me…