What is your favorite aircraft to fly?

Pretty straight forward, what is your favorite plane to fly in IF?
Personaly i love the dash 8 q400, what about you guys 😀😉❤️❤️

Dup topic, sorry


To fly, not just in general @Delta319

Do you want me to change the topic @Delta319?

@T1MMY4L1F3_YT that topic that @Delta319 listed over there applies to flying and just in general. Sorry. Make sure to search before you post :)

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I will change it @WestJet737767 … sigh

No need to be disappointed, a simple mistake that most of us (including me) have made :)

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I just try to make unique posts but everything i think of is taken already … i can never think of a good topic @WestJet737767

There is plenty you can do!
If you keep reading, liking and replying, you will hit Trust level 2 which means you can use #real-world-aviation, #features and #live:events !
Then you can talk about amazing things happening in the aviation world, get those amazing things added to Infinite flight, and make great events too!
If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me!

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I like the a330. I can make really smooth landings with it.