What is your favorite aircraft to fly on?

I enjoy flying the a380 the 777-300ER 747-8I and the a330 What is your favorite aircraft?


747-400, 737-200 737-400.
My fav plane isn’t exactly a plane (my second fav is 747-400)

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Most definitely the B777-300ER or the B787-800.

All 787’s but for me the 787-10 is my favorite. I really like the 777-300ER aswell. Probably the A350 will be my favorite plane when it’s comming out.

A330-300 or the A320. Easy to fly, nice liveries…

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777 and 787 series

I think he means in real life, not in IF.

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I’ll tell when I fly on more aircraft

CFM-56 !!! a320 family or a343 :)

Personally I really enjoy flying on the A380, it’s so quiet and smooth!

Well, I haven’t exactly been on very many planes. I want to say the Q400 but I’ve never been on one. I do like the CRJ 900.

Probably the a319/20/21 because they are nice planes and their engine sound on takeoff is the best

Any turboprop, but especially the Dash 8, the ATR 72 or the Dornier 228.

A330-300 Turkish Airlines

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MD 80/82 that isn’t here :(

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The B777 by far.

787-8! c’mon Josh/ My favorite is the A380

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Haha sure 787-8 then , why do we not say 737-8 i wonder ?

Because Boeing marketed it as 737-800. Simple. ;)

A320 family and E-Jets I’d say.

From Airbus, the A380. And from Boeing the 787-9 Dreamliner…