What is your favorite aircraft to fly in and why?

I did my research and most are closed.

My favorite aircraft in IF is the Dash 8 Q400, it’s quiet, efficient, and the Bombardier livery looks beautiful.


I like the 787-10, because it’s detailed and I love the liveries.

The 777-300ER is great, but it bobs at cruise.

Most of the aircraft are very enjoyable to fly.


The Crj 200,700,900,1000. I like the interior view and the mood lighting.


definitely the 787-10. It look beautiful and is fun to fly!


737 any version really easy to fly and I know the aircraft really well

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B737 or A320-series!

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F-22 or E170, I don’t know exactly why, but I like them

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Short haul: CRJ-700/900
why because it is an aircraft I see a lot in real life and I love to fly it at night as this is my favorite real world aviation plane

Medium haul: A320
why there is a lot of public knowledge on this plane and that’s why I find it easy to fly in IF

Long haul: 777
why looks so detailed and is quite easier land.


I like flying the CRJ900/700/200 becuase I fly them in real life for work and I like to try and match real world flying with IF!



I love the Dash-8 q400, the A330 (F UPS Livery), 757 and for nice retro liveries the DC-10


I enjoy flying on the B737-800. It has a lot of liveries and was recently upgraded by the devs so it now has useful features like APPR and more liveries.

Yeah! I definitely have to agree with the 787! I’ve never notice the 777 Bob at Cruise yet.

The CRJs are a bit tricky to land for me.

I wish it had more liveries!

Especially with the new update, it’s really easy to adapt to.

In my opinion, the 320 Looks Better.

The F-22 Is quite hard to land, compared to the E170, which i only flew once but is pretty easy to navigate with!

I agree with most of these!

Wow! That’s amazing! Do you mind sharing some stories with me in a PM? I’m currently trying to be a pilot for a CRJ!

Definitely these two! The DC-10 Is also pretty good!

Yes, hopefully we see some en-route to Hawai’i!


Mine is the Boeing 747-200. It is epic, big, and one classic boi.


My fave planes to fly A 10 F18 F14 F22 747 globalmaster ect, I like the challenge of landing these lot.

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  1. So detailed, again some wonderful work from the IF developers

A330 all around. Just an amazing aircraft.

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Especially after the small rework


Any 787 s ❤️

For me it’s the Airbus A320. Here are some reasons why:

  • It’s such a beautiful and detailed aircraft in IF
  • It has a great range, so I can fly many short-medium haul routes
  • It’s super easy to control and grease landings with

For me, definitely the MD-11. It can be a bit tricky at first (especially landings), but when you get the hang of it, it’s absolutely amazing to fly.

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