What is your favorite aircraft model brand?

  • Gemini Jets
  • JC Wings
  • Phoenix
  • Herpa ( Hogan )
  • Inflight

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I go for Gemini Jets but mostly official models like my 1:200 Qatar A388 and 1:500 Cathay New Livery 77W


Revell and maybe Airfix.

Gemini and JC are the same physical models under different branding.

JC Wings and Phoenix use to run factories for Gemini :)
as far as I know

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Zvezda, Revell. + a lot more brands 😉

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Add Daron an American model maker.

I get Skymark models, they are okay

oooohhh! Premier Planes and PPCHolland

I like Flight minatures models there cheaper and good versions of sky marks

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