What is your favorite 747 in infinite flight?

  • Boeing 747-200
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 747-8
  • Boeing 747-SCA
  • Boeing 747-SOFIA
  • VC-25

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I would have to go with the Boeing 747-8! Hopefully they fix its speed problem in the next update :)

I forgot the SOFIA, you’ll have to vote again

❤️ The -400 for life, the real owner and queen of the skies. Boo A380!


-200 all the way. Let’s get retro!

The B747-400 In The British Airways Livery The True Queen Of The Skies

I love the South African livery, don’t know why.

My favorite is the 748. For some reason, I can’t fly the 742…

Uh, 747-?..

Umm they are all 747s. And there is no 747-700 😂

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I never put 747-700. Or did I… 🌚

Here it is. I call it the modified 747-400ER/A380SP


Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the 747’s! 😆

748…will look awesome with wingflex

Wing flex may only come with the 787 😕

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Take note, Boeing

I understand that

What’s the problem?

Sorry, I meant 748 lel

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I was laughing so hard. “My favorite is the 747” when that’s the whole point of this topic. Lol. I would say 748 is my favorite although I rarely fly any of the 747s.