What is your "epic" moment in infinite flight

When I got so bored after completing every route out of YYZ (500+ flights) last summer so I decided to spend a week or two planning and then failing (multiple times) to fly 75+ hours before successfully hitting 91. My phone promptly died after that.


Hitting the cobra on unexpecting lads is my personal favourite. Been doing it for a long time, here is the first one I recall, 2y ago.

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OMG you bought a new phone then

Nah I had 2 phones for a while because my old one required to be plugged in to even turn on. So fine for IF but not for everyday use.

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Hmm I kinda play infinite flight a lot on Saturday Sundays so doing atleast a 25 hour flight is impossible for me unless until I sleep for the whole day.

I work on ipad for IF and mobile for IFC

Approach with turbulences!!

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What abt turbulence is extreme then?

I was at 50K feet on an f22 when my fuel was over and I perfectly landed at the nearest airport using all the flaps and stuff to cover the distance w/o power.

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doing a successful supermaneuverability maneuver for the first time.

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Skill that’s how XD

What type of skill that’s almost impossible

ALMOST impossible

maneuvering skills

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