What is your display name in Infinite Flight Live?

Is it your real name?

  • Yes
  • No

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If No to the previous question, is it your name/username on the forums?

  • Yes
  • No

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If No again, Comment it below…
If you have voted No in both of the polls, Comment below. Else don’t :)


There is only ONE Captain DJ on this forum. And that’s me!

unless there was an impersonator that was trying to be funny! :(


I’m just B767fan!😄

9V SYL is my Callsign 😉

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Forum name = ingame name atleast for me :)

It’s fun when you recognize people from the forum in Live. I already met Aernout once and also Rotate :)


Ive seen matt a few times as well as David Israel

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Me too. But I never got close to them :(

I got close to Misha and David once c:

I saw them at KLAX on the ATC Playground doing touch and go’s in C208’s at KSMO. David flew off, but Misha circled and landed at KLAX, and I was holding short for him :)

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i was doing the Columbia River Run event and I took off parallel to David in a cessna 208. I saw matt at St. Maarten, where he took the picture of all the BBJs and the A320 (i was the one pushing back). I also saw him at KSAN, and followed him until my battery died -_-)

my name is grxninesix but i use callsign of my VA for flying, example, TSK1LN for KLAX-KNUC, more routes available on my VAs website.

It’s both :)

No one knows if mine is my real name or not…


DJ isn’t my real name, it’s an abbreviation for my first and middle name. Nobody will ever know my full name ;)

I sometimes use my real name and sometimes just forum name

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I had the pleasure of tagging along with him in SoCal, when he told me where he was going in a PM

Short Lived though, he cruised like a madman, about 660 Knots, or something along those lines. :) ;)

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I always put what airline in flying for such as:

“Southwest” ext.

I ALWAYS use “328” after the airline. And if I’m flying a heavier aircraft like a 777 or a330 I use heavy or super. I’m almost 99.99% sure that I am to only Cameron on the forum.

My name on IF is directly connected to my FB as 泉こなた although the game registers is as boxes, so it should be viewed as 4 boxes.

I also registered my account here using my fb account but i decided on changing my display to something easier to recognise. So its yunkeru

This might be a little on the off topic but is there anyway to match my IF display name to this forum? Cant seem to find the option to do so. Im actively viewing so do PM me if its possible =]

Mine used to be Carson, but someone stole that😠

Mine = EdT

Mine is CPT Josh