What is your craziest moment as IFATC?

IFATC controllers can answer this one.


Falling asleep at NZAA


Controlling a whole airshow with 10+ formations happening at once and some airshows. We got like 4 mods to come. It was an absolute blast.


When half of the pilots at EGLL wanted 27L


I had a person at NZAA spawn into the gates, auto start, then just run amok cutting across terminals, wings, etc around the airfield with like 30 people on ground


Did you report him?

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How did you deal with it?

Really that sounds really cool.

That user went on a mandatory “vacation” from expert server for 7 days.


It was! Prob the best controlling experience I’ve had.

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What happened after you woke up?

I got a week suspension🤷🏼‍♂️


Sent people to 27R 🤪


My craziest moment?

Controlling Edmonton in my “early” days. Calgary was the hub, and I, for whatever reason, didn’t anticipate the amount of traffic that would arise from the option of such a short route - given I was open for 5 hours.

2 ghosts (as they were, back in those days), a couple gate holds, a very, very helpful Approach controller and 2 of Laura’s (yes, Laura - the dev) accounts (simultaneously) later… I closed, with the experience of what it was like to control a “mini-FNF”.

It’s great to read through everyone’s stories! Some very interesting ones in there… 👀


I have just recently joined back IFATC after a year long break and yesterday I was open at OMAA and I had a very high number of arrivals about 90% were using STARS and I managed to get them all on the ground without breaking any sweat. The amount of difference discipline and just using the right procedures made just made me smile with satisfaction. A year ago that same situation would’ve been potentially catastrophic without approach control but thanks to our amazing devs it was a piece of cake! So for me that is by far the best experience I’ve had as IFATC so far.

  1. Opening my home airport VABB with @Jet_Airways_995 & @Gopisreekanth_Chukka for “IFATC at home” and sitting for 6 hours with
    minimal to no traffic.
  2. Controlling KASE (Aspen) with @lucaviness , that was fun tbh !!
  3. Controlling EGLL when it was featured as a hub without approach for 1 hour .

Someone get this guy hazard pay.

Another time was when I was controlling JFK, I saw a A320 overrun a 10,000 foot long runway, cut across Queens, take a swim in the Hudson, take a stroll through central park, do a second miracle in the Hudson, and finally liftoff.

I don’t even know


Arranged with a few people on Instagram to do some patterns for IFATC at home, ended up with a group of 6-8 ish and did 90 minutes of chaotic pattern work. Awesome feeling having traffic at your home airport which is normally deserted.


Was that on expert server?

Ooh, crazy IFATC moments. I’ve got a few good ones from my time here.

  1. Controlling TNCM as Tower without Radar. I had to control all of the inbounds and make sure they were in an organized and sequenced line, as well as make sure I got the departures out. Extend downwind, 360s, and base calls were the keys to success here.
  2. Controlling CYVR Approach with @Shane. Shane was Center, and I was a newly promoted Officer. The STARs at CYVR are amazing at helping create a solid line onto the downwind. Shane was in charge of giving me a good line with solid spacing, as well as integrating the different STARs nicely on the downwinds for the 08s. I took over before the start of the 26 Localizers, and from there, vectored them myself onto base and cleared for their respective approaches. It was definitely hectic, considering there was an IFAE group flight as well, but it ended up being one of my favorite and most successful sessions.
  3. Taking Centers and/or Departure for all of Misha’s Flash Flights. They are absolutely crazy to manage. Making sure you can create a solid line with adequate spacing from start to finish is a really challenging task, and it’s not an easy job. You gotta have a really solid plan and keep an eye on everyone, as well as make sure Approach doesn’t get overwhelmed at the destination.
  4. Taking Aspen (KASE) with @Shane. Shane took Aspen Departure and Approach, and I took Local. It was honestly a very humbling moment watching him whip up the airspace there the way he did. He managed to perfectly balance the waves of arrivals with the waves of departures, and his knowledge of that airport and how it works is exceptional. It was madness, especially when there were countless holds near the Red Table VOR so I could get the line of departures out. I had an absolute blast (top 10 funnest sessions), and I got to learn a thing or two.
  5. Opening up GTADS at Washington National (KDCA) with @Drummer just up the road at Baltimore Washington (KBWI) taking GTADS and Washington Center, and of course, @Thunderbolt helping cover all the remaining Centers in the vicinity with Cleveland, Toronto, New York, and Boston Centers. Drummer and I were newly promoted IFATC Supervisors, and providing full coverage for my home airport alone had been a goal for a while. KDCA got way crazy amounts of traffic, and it was definitely a challenging, but interesting experience managing everything at that airport from the ground up. I got the privilege of doing everything from sorting out the tricky ground layout and traffic to vectoring people with a Zipper method for the River Visual, all while Tyler himself stopped by for a flight to Paris. It was definitely a fun rush, and seeing all the East Coast traffic Drummer, Thunderbolt, and I built up was beautiful. It was an insanely fun and challenging rush that definitely tested my limits a bit.

Those are my top 5 moments, I think. These 5 moments, while crazy and at times stressy, have taught me quite a bit. And of course, moments like these, where I get to tag with others at fun airports as well as challenge myself, are reasons why I love being in IFATC so much.

Edit: One honorable mention below.

  1. Controlling any airport with Point Merge. Taking Bogota (SKBO) Approach was one really fun session with @Krypton acting as Center, and another one was controlling Istanbul (LTFM) East Approach with @Shane on West Approach and later with me controlling East and West Approach with @Saharsh on Center. Working with Point Merge is amazing.