What is your cooling solution for Long Hauls?

My room is underground so it doesn’t get very hot to begin with but the windowsill that I put my phone in gets really cold so that’s my cooling solution. But I’ve topped out my S8 at about 110°F no lagging of glitching.

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Honestly my ultimate solution, I just stopped. Almost no question that my 12 hour flights were bad for my device, for the battery to get that hot, while charging and discharging was definitely shortening it’s life. Same with a lot of other stuff in my device. And honestly I suppose this a separate question, but I just stopped enjoying them because I’m not there 99% of the flight. So now I save $80 a year, and protect my device… 🤷🏻‍♂️

Much much lower, iPad died at 90%

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I actually used some left over knex pieces to build an air cooling phone case/stand an on a hot day sometimes let my fan blow on it. the fan keeps it around room temp if not lower. My Phone only gets hot on flights/sessions over 4 hours.

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I don’t think I’ve had these issues.

My iPad mini runs perfectly fine during Long hauls, even with medium settings.

I put that thang in the freezer

Just kidding.
Back when I used to fly on the 6s, I always took off the case so the phone could be more free, and while its at cruise I would leave it by an open window

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pro tip remove the case. completely forgot to say that.

Look under settings at battery health. I think IPads qualify for the battery replacement program…

Not all of them.

open your case, and put your phone at the floor. it will very helping you bcs i do it all the time

Unless you have heated flooring )=


ahh yes. i have cold floor so it works. other solution is lower your brightness, use low graphic

Personally, I keep my iPad next to the case fan for my PC. (I just have it on sleep so there is next to no heat)

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And that too

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i put my phone in to the floor and use low brightness and low graphic

I’m at highest settings with no problems. I just turn my brightness down

I use low power mode and turn down my settings for long hauls. My device hasn’t had issues with this method.

Play Infinite flight without overheating in southeastern Brazil impossible hehe

I just have the normal setting from when I bought the game so i just have it pluged in and it at anagle for air to circulate better. also what is the thing that you put your phone on