What is your cooling solution for Long Hauls?

I have an iPhone 6S and, on max settings, gets really really hot. So to prevent over heating I had to come up with something…

Not the prettiest but what are your funny cooling solutions?

By not having it on max settings.


uh getting an ipad and keeping it plugged in


Physical Cooling Solutions.

I used to have an iPhone 6S. I did not have my settings on max. It never got hot.

Try… not having it on max settings.

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Low brightness, low power mode, device plugged in, fan(optional, for some needed).

No one else puts heat sinks on their phone?!

Nope. We all have our settings at a point where our device isn’t at risk of overheating.


We don’t need to.

Some of us use Ipads, which never overheat. That maximum heat it accumulates it enough to barely warm your palm.


One time my phone got so hot it melted the case XD.

Not true at all. I use the iPad Air 2, with the least storage on it (32GB or something). It gets, really hot after 13 hours of flying.

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@Crcoli737 I try to keep my phone in the shade and I turn on low power mode when doing long hauls.


Getting ready for KLAX-EDDF :).

With my CPU heat sink. Lol.

Lowest settings, low power mode enabled, lowest brightness, interface timeout, scenic cam and keep it plugged in.

Not gotten one.

I have the Pro (2nd gen) and it is getting real hot, screen cracked because of it. The only good cooling system is to turn everything low, and have something cooling it, unless it’s really cold and winter outside then you don’t really need a fan

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With my current iPad 6th generation that I just got I keep it on High settings and plugged in with the brightness down and it stays cool and at 100% battery life all day.

Play Infinite Flight in Antartica. No issues

sarcasm obviously. iPad Air hasn’t had too many issues - I’d suggest propping the phone on its side to allow air circulation

I haven’t had any issues, even before I started dropping my settings I found especially in the winter my windowsill was rather cool, and conveniently close to a plug, so that was my solution, worked pretty well honestly, even on a table especially if I don’t set it down on it’s backside and let it get air, it works pretty well…

That’ definitely abnormal. Likely the excessive (and probably frequent) heat caused something called dendrites on the battery, which probably caused the battery to expand. Would I be wrong if I speculated you also had lower then expected battery performance?