What is Your Biggest Real Life Aviation D'oh Moment?

Seeing as the Simpsons was created thirty years ago today, and D’oh is now an official word in the dictionary, let’s make this a thing!

There have been man D’oh moments in aviation over the years, and you might have had some.

So here is my question, what’s your aviation D’oh moment?
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Successfully booking a flight on the wrong date…


Showing up to the airport 10 hours early…


So to preface this story, I was taking this flight after a red-eye flight… after a school day. At the time I’d been awake for over 24 hours because I wasn’t sleeping on the plane.

So I was on a BA A321 to Paris. As we touched town, a plane departing on a parallel runway was lifting off. As I exit the plane I asked the captain (who was the pilot flying) “did you see that takeoff was perfectly timed?!”

He goes “well… I was kinda focused on landing the plane.”


I was exhausted and out of it but this still haunts me to this day.


I misclicked and booked a flight a week early. I showed up at the airport and tried to check in a week later, and then… well, you get it.



I’m not even going to ask why…


Is that really such a bad thing though?


Yeah I’d plane spot the entire time

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It was an accident + delay. For some reason we thought the flight left at 8 am instead of 8 pm 🤦‍♂️.

@JacksonAviation and @Airwolf - I didn’t have an sort of camera at the time and my phone makes quite bad pics. If I did some digging through my photos, I’ll probably fine some “plane spotting” ones from that time.


Loooool. Roasted by the British


Me in a 737-700 SW cockpit when I was 8 and the captain asking me, “guess what this button does?” as he points to the landing light switches. Me being the clueless 8 year old I was says the pilot radio switch 😂

Anyways d’oh

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Attempting to navigate Frankfurt am Main Airport. Got lost about three times in one layover of about 6 hours. Man, I really hate EDDF.

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Been there, almost trapped in Ft. Laudable, but given that it was 70F, and I was within 50 ft of a beach I was not that upset…

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Taking off and realizing I rented the $145/hr plane instead of $105…


Flying out of Brisbane airport…

For some backstory (really quickly)…
I was flying out of the domestic terminal, which is dark, dingy and quite dirty for an airport. I went to use the restroom, and there was an overflowing urinal.

I would recommend flying in/out of the Gold Coast instead.

I’m just kidding, just a bit of banter for those who live in Brisbane… But please, fix the urinal.


Practicing circuits at Redcliffe (YRED) with the C172.

Forgot to flare for one landing, needless to say that was a hard landing, thank lord the landing gear remained intact.

ah, the memories.

once played an inappropriate remix of Santa tell me on full volume in the McDonalds line thinking I had my headphones fully plugged in. Boy did everyone’s expression change when it turned inappropriate

To those curious, Santa Tell Me x My Neck My Back

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Not using my Callsign when reporting the airport in sight. Luckily I knew the approach controller and he figured out who was calling

Let’s see here; first off, if you’ve ever met a real, Canadian blooded Cyr (pronounced see-er) then you’ll know just how we are with arguing about EVERYTHING. We take a perfectly peaceful conversation and find something to argue or correct about it. So about a year ago I was flying back out to Connecticut to see my grandfather (who is also a Cyr) on Frontier Airlines from Denver, Colorado to Providence, Rhode Island. It was a redeye flight and I was hyped up on caffeine and advil (I had had the worst migraine ever before I left for DIA). We boarded our flight and I was seated at the bulkhead in seat 1C. I had my carry on backpack with my laptop, phone charger and other necessities in this digital age. Since I was seated at the bulkhead I had to store my bag in the overhead bin for takeoff, well half conscious me forgot that. When the flight attendant came to ask me to put my bag up I said “well it’s a personal item, did the FAA change the rules on keeping bags under the seat in front of you?” or some snarky remark similar to that. So I went to shove my bag under the seat in front of me but then realized, I was in the in front of everybody and there wasn’t any seat in front of me. I did end up apologizing to the FA. (I’m not that much of a jerk.)


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