What is your best flight and how good was it?

mine was when I used to do daily non-stop flights (PAJN-PANC& KBOI-KSLC).

I’m pretty sure there is a topic about this. May be worse flight or sure

Singapore to Newark it was very interesting

I checked there’s none.

It was a flight with @anon24319801 and @Ignas04. We flew from Katmandu (VNKT) to Paro (VQPR). It was a joy to fly with the both of them, we flew in a tight formation like the whole flight, and I think it went well! It was super well, and we all nailed the approach (to some degree).

One if the times I did KSEA to PAJN was another one of my best flights.


Ah my device crashes on anything over 2 hours.

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Aww, that’s terrible, I hate crashes. 😪😡

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that is why i am saving up for a new device.

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Well hope to see you on a 2+ hour flight soon! And if you want to continue this conversation, let’s do it in a PM, we’re starting to drift off topic.

okay, sorry about the late response. I was out flying my rc plane.

Ah, the perfect flight.

I start my flight from EDDF heading to EGLL, in a Lufthansa A320. Rotate starts of smooth, no traffic, no issues. Oh, baby, descent was clean and you know what was even cleaner?

-6 At landing.


The replay was spicy!

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Nice I find the a350 increadibly easy to butter, I was on solo and just let the wheels kiss the ground

My school is doing a quote on quote challenge week and one of the choices is to go planespotting at the airport. Probably going to see southwest perform some ryanair landings and see delta just kiss the ground so softly that there is no smoke.

It was EGLL to EIDW with EIVA. The only reason it is my “best” flight per say is because I had -46 V/S on the landing 🧈

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