What is your altitude record?

I was flying solo and wanted to see how high I could get. Is there anyone who got higher than that?

•Aircraft: F22
•Server: Solo
•no route

As you can see the altitude display is limited to 100,000ft, but in the HUD view we see 26,660ft on the right, which means I was at an altitude of 126,660ft ( you can also see it in the numbers below and above ). If anyone has made it higher please let me know.


What do you do to be able to get so high? I want to also try it out

For the XCub? That was three years ago. I don’t really remember how to do it or if it’s even still possible. All I remember that it was very slowly and involved messing around with the throttle mixture. It worked only in the jetstream because of the tailwind. For the F-22, just full throttle and pull straight up.


Haha thanks I’m gna try it out now lol

Take off from Brisbane and go directly east. Climb about 800 feet per minute and eventually you’ll get high enough to catch the jetstream. You should be okay after that. Let the autopilot take you up to about 120,000 feet and you’ll probably be doing around 14,000 knots. It’s going to take a while, I’d give it about two hours to go all the way.

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It’s been patched. It used to be if you maintained 100% power and a shallow ~800-1000 FPM climb it would just maintain airspeed after a while. Leave it on for a while and you would basically climb infinitely until the speed caused you to lose control (often would be mach 20+)


I get the idea of the topics purpose, but this isn’t the category for it. :)

Thanks for your understanding!