What is you favourite airline alliance?

I’m curious to see what your guys favourite airline alliance is. And why did you vote for who you did.

  • U-Fly Alliance
  • Star Alliance
  • SkyTeam
  • Oneworld

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Star I guess. It’s a hard choice between it and Skyteam.

Always enjoyed the smooth purple badge on the liveries. I’ll have to go with One World buddy!

Yah! Star Alliance! :)


What is the U-Fly Alliance?

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An Asian based alliance, I personally don’t know too much about it. The airlines aren’t fermiliar either.

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Apparently the U-Fly alliance is an low cost alliance based in Asia. It was founded this year and has 4 members.

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Completely agree with you! What airline do you prefer?

Qantas, it just fits nicely on there livery.

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Skyteam for ever!

Star Alliance because of LH!

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No preference really. I’m a Delta person so I would naturally go with Skyteam but it isn’t the strongest alliance out there. After Skyteam, I guess Star because they have good connections and a nice livery, then oneworld.


I like one world because of Qantas but skyteam and star alliance aren’t bad

Star Alliance all the way!

Star Alliance all the way, Avianca is in the alliance :)

Oneworld because BA all the way

Also, Air Berlin ;)

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Just a bit more info, star alliance clearly have the most routes/passenger.

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