What is wrong with the forums?

I just got a notification saying 1300 new topics were on the forums. Image uploading doesn’t work. I got a private message about encryption that I can’t view, and there are weird new categories.


Yep, same here,just hang tight and Philippe or Matt should get it sorted shortly.

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I fixed both comments when I realized. :)

The Matrix was contacting you in that PM


No need for bold emphasis here, let’s keep it friendly :)


In all fairness to @dush19 I took it as a friendly, almost slap-stick style comment, but I suppose alternative interpretations could be made of it.

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Wilco, apologies.


I had it to, seems to be working as normally now

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Got really tensed for a moment there

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The categories have been recolored and renamed, “Issuance Policy”, “Water Humidity and Temperature”, “Grow FAQ”, “Plant Care”

There seems to still be some issues with the forum servers. We are still investigating.

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wow @henzalco. That one is subtle. Ha!

I think the categories have something to do with plants and landscaping… XD

This happened also.

My profile says i also have 2300 replies (the blue bubles)

Oh my god… Two of the categories say “Strains” and “Indoor Lighting…”. The forums went from Infinite Flight to How to Take Care of Your Marijuana Farm… LOL