What is with these people?

What is with players that want to play expert but do not take it seriously? This ruins the session for me, as if I am using the replays it has effectively ruined the entire replay. They continued to taxi straight through me. ATC it would of been nice if the player was removed from the session, so us adults can continue enjoying the game and our hobby. Obviously I removed the username from the shots, but if I send you the username, is there anything that can be done? Expert is effectively real play, IRL the pilot would be struck off, prosecuted, fined and/or imprisoned for that, since we respect the realness of the expert server, this should be quite harshly punished for the idiots that act like it. Sorry for the rant but I worked hard to get to expert level all for a jumped up player (ironically in a ryanair aircraft) to ruin MY game when I am respecting everyone elses right to enjoy expert too. Sigh.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done after the event. We do miss things sometimes and these sorts of things rely on the controller and/or a supervisor on the ground noticing at the time it happens and taking action.

Thanks for your quick reply. I know things like this can happen, but since it is all recorded, why can’t the team give a violation for this? Even if not noticed immediately, it still happened whether caught in the act or 1 hour later. I’ve had violations previously for being at 261kts at FL9, which is petty compared to this, since it doesn’t really affect another players experience but this ruined my entire session. Took 20 mins to get to that point, now I ended the session and to be honest, put me off joining another one, maybe I will later. I am sure most of us pay the premium so we can join expert as we know the training is a hellfire. This really puts me off unfortunately. Its not the apps fault itself, these people are everywhere, but they need to be punished harshly especially in the expert server. Thanks!

Being at 261 kts at FL90 is a system generated violation, but taxiing through aircrafts unfortunately don’t have Level 1 violations. I suggest you try messaging the user (if he has an IFC account), and try to make them understand. These issues with ES are frequent, and sadly you can do nothing but ignore them if IFATC isnt present.

Hi lalabo,

Thanks for your input. I know it is an automatic violation, but that is also kind of my point. Why are there automatic violations for being 1KT over the limit, but taxing through another aircraft isnt? To be honest I would rather not personally reach out to people like this as they have already proven lack of self awareness and respect. People like that only learn when they have to pay for their actions either by have a penalty or being hit in the pocket.

I guess I will rephrase what I am asking. If I want to formally suggest introducing a violation in expert server for taxing through another user, how can I do that? Can I poll it or send an email suggestion?


You can make a post in Features :)
A heads up: It can be a long long time before your feature is confirmed or added, and a feature like this, even more so.

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Hello @MajesticWings1133,

I apologize that you had an unsatisfactory experience in the Expert Server. You could create a Features request, which may never be implemented or take a long time. I totally understand, it happens to me and it’s frustrating. ATC tries thei best to catch it, but when it’s very busy, we aren’t looking at every plane live.

Apparantly my TL wont allow me to suggest a feature, lol. So effectively the idiots get away with it & the respectful players have to suffer them, like they usually do! No worries! Nice day everyone :-)

You’ll get to TL2 soon enough. I am also interested in making one :)

Same to you!

Similar thing happened to me at heathrow yesterday. Im on final for 27R, the fellow is on final in the opposite direction for 09R, who then proceeded to sidestep to 09L and land at 3 times the normal approach speed, forcing me to go around. Then he vacated the runway made an immediate 180 turn and took off 1 second right behind another user, effectively chasing him on departure. We should be able to report these players and send our replay for decisive action. It really ruins the experience that we all pay our hard earned money to enjoy.

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Maybe search for and check out such feature request topics as the following that attempt to address the issue you’re discussing:

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Ive been looking through some posts on your advice and found this:

Now I am even more confused 😕

I hear you there. On es some of the shenanigans I have seen is remarkable. Odd as I see it more on es than I do on training.

Today’s schedule is a busy one have a flight from bikf to CYYZ in less than 90 minutes for the bkif flight, and after that will be flying out of Manila to Hong Kong, and from Hong Kong to CYYZ.

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@BennyBoy_Alpha this also, I posted another example above of someone getting a violation for taxiing through someone.

ATC controllers actively controlling and supervisors can give violations to pilots. In this situation, you are correct, a level 2 violation would be issued for taxiing through others.

In this situation, ATC wasn’t active or didn’t notice this was happening. There are many reasons ATC didn’t notice: They might’ve been busy with how busy the airport was and getting planes out on time, or they decided to give the pilot maybe “the benefit of the doubt”: It can be hard to taxi when it’s so busy.

I apologize that the experience wasn’t satisfactory. Controllers are trying their best, but we always notice when it’s something serious. The best thing to do would be to move on.

Hope you enjoy the Expert Server from now on! In general, the pilots are pretty great. 😊

People like this unfortunately feel the need to ruin the immersion for everyone else. One of the main reasons I stopped playing IF and now fly on VATSIM. It’s a shame.

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Yes we should clear it up. I am not sure the tone of “letting it go” is the best way to resolve this.

You say ATC could of been offline, well they weren’t. You say the airport was busy, it was very quiet, see below:

1557 GMT (10mins ago) GMT at LPPT:

When the incident occured at LPPT:

Sorry but both of those excuses make no sense with the added context. Also in my screenshot you can see one of the aircraft is highlighted orange, indicating they were communicating with the active ATC.

I don’t mean to be pedantic, but it seems I am being more blamed now for going on about it, when it has been recorded, on your own app, and you cannot go back and give the person a level 2 violation? So it is violation worthy, but you do not trust your own replays as enough evidence to give it after the fact?

I am also not blaming ATC, as I understand these things happen.


As an IFATC controller, as a general rule, I’d say most of my problem pilots - including pilots I issue LVL 2/3 violations to - don’t have a linked IFC account.

Its like a police camera catching you speeding, but the police do not issue the fine or license points because there was no physical officer there at the time…

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As an IFATC controller, sometimes I experience system lag where an aircraft continues to move on my map when in fact it’s stopped. I’ve had aircraft continue to move where it appears they are entering the runway when in fact they were not.

The aircraft will typically jump back into the correct position after a few seconds.

Unless I’m certain there is a taxi-though, I am hesitant to issue a violation.

Additionally, as noted, sometimes we also miss these things, especially when an airport gets busy. That said, I understand your frustration – I’ve experienced the same as a pilot on multiple occasions, especially when an airport gets extremely busy.