What is when point of 1° flaps?

Okay so forgive me if this is common knowledge but what exactly does 1° flaps do on Boeing aircraft?

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It extends the slats, helps aircraft slow down quicker.


Alright, thank you!

can i use flap 10° for 747 in fl270? it so saving fuel efficient, right?

It is very unrealistic to do so (if you’re not flying really slow or in a holding pattern while levelled of), but I heard rumours it might be more efficient with the current B747 model in IF.

I would recommend to only do so if you really need all the fuel, otherwise just take a bit of extra in my opinion :)

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It is indeed more efficient, and to be frank, the range of the B747 would be severely limited if you cruise with flaps 0. It’s basically burning so much more fuel that I could barely fly a 12 hour route without loading an almost full fuel tank. It’s insane how badly modeled it is today.

Might I add, you are going to need to bring somewhere in the region of about 40-60% more fuel if you plan on cruising without the flaps extended.


That’s it.

I’ve also heard of some aircraft, I think the 737 included, using flaps 1 degree for takeoff when they are really light on a long runway, just to save fuel.

Actually you can, due to how its modeled in game right now. As said above, its more fuel efficient with flaps 10

To add here: while it does make the aircraft „slower“, it mainly results in more lift generated by the wing due to the expanded wing area. That means you can fly slower but still have the same lift resulting from the same engine power.

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Actually your slat would be ripped apart from the wing at high speeds. There’s a maximum operation speed for slats/flaps as there is one for the gear for example. You can find that speed limit in the Flight manual of the aircraft under „V^F“.

Flaps 1 is also useful when you need to expedite descent at lower speeds. Combined with spoiler, it can help you slow down dramatically. The spoiler removes lift from the wing and introduces large amounts of drag, whilst the slats prevent the wing from stalling.

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So basically I would deploy flaps 1 when slowing down from cruise speed to 250kts when descending?

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So flaps one, as stated above, extends the slats. The slats are on the leading edge of the wings and basically allow for a higher AOA (Angle of Attack) for the wing. After Flaps one, the slats will still be deployed but when mixed with the trailing edge flaps they generate lift allowing the plane to operate at slower speeds.

The slats can be used for expediting speed changes, generating small amounts of lift. The mix of slats and spoilers help “kill the lift” when the plane is on the ground. Check out this awesome website I found a few years ago from NASA. It explains Slats and Flaps in an easy-to-understand way!

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