What is VATSIM?

I was wondering what is VATSIM and what games are supported with it, and this seemed like the right place to ask.

VATSIM isn’t for infinite flight, it’s all PC based flight sims so it’s Microsoft flight simulator, Prepar3D and X-plane 11/12/10

I know, I just want to know what it is and with what games it is supported.

hey, its an online flight simulation network which provides “online multiplayer” experience and realistic and professional air traffic services using “vat regions” to global skies and is compatible with PC flight sims like MSFS , Xplane , P3D etc but isn’t associated with infinite flight :)



Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X steam edition?

googled it already :/

yes correct

What type of setup do you need for it?

you will need to download a software called “vpilot” to be able to connect to the network, have a vats account set up and use credentials in vpilot to connect/log onto the network and connected to the sim of course


You need some sort of headphones or mic for it or is the built in mic ok

yeah you will need earphones/headphones/mic but if you dont wish to talk to the controllers or other traffic on voice you are also allowed to “text chat” if you dont have a mic for example

Alright thanks ima look up a tutorial on how to set up vatsim thanks for your help

no worries if you need any help with setup feel free to message me as I fly on vatsim regularly and can help with any setup or questions u got :)

alright noted. i will fly on microsoft flight simulator x steam edition since i refunded msfs 2020 since it was way too hard to control for me at least

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no worries. in that case am not sure how detailed MFS X is compared to MSFS but if you connect onto vats and fly from a controlled airport (where ATC is staffing) they will use charts and ask you to go certain taxiways etc and that might mean you need to either buy or download freeware/payware scenery to support this tho they are usually quite lenient if you can’t download the scenery or can’t afford to buy scenery for the airport

it is fairly detailed

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Not the right place to ask as Infinite Flight does not use VATSIM. The right place to ask would be google as this forum is not a web browser. Thanks!