What is VATC ?

You part of Thai ? 😂

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ohhh man! I think I remember u bro we done events together all da time lol

Haha yea ? What was your name on Thai ?

its my RL name Luigi and my callsign: TGV-1004

Oh Luigi! Man whats up! 😂

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@haitianpilot44 and @Captain_Dreamliner

Can I suggest taking this to a PM to avoid filling up the community please?

And plus, if Mario sees it; he find relations hard, he’ll have to close the topic 😉

Edit: See? Mario must’ve seen it. He’ll be chasing Goomba’s before you know it.


im good bro lmaooo I been a min since I did a flight for TGV

oh sorry :(

Oh yea sorry…

Please do what @Ecoops123 has suggested. No further discussion is needed as the OP received their answer about 25 ish posts ago.

Please continue your off topic conversation in a PM.