What is UV wrapping?

I don’t get the UV wrapping part?
What is UV wrapping?

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It was explained in their post on their instagram page

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I still don’t get it,

It was explained pretty basic… They take the exterior of the plane and basically make it flat. The wings. all the panels that make up the plane are organized. And they apply the livery according to the panel they’re working on. if its the tail, they’re 4 parts for the vertical stabilizer. They take all panels put them into a 2D form, apply the livery and put it back together, now i still could be wrong but hoped that helped in a small way


Ohhh Thank you I get it

Glad i could help:) have a good day

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UV wrapping, or UVW, is when you turn a 3D models into flat pieces. It’s usually meant for when you want to export as a .jpeg. You can use the UVW to make textures in Photoshop CC. You can find many free textures online, like seamless textures.

It helps for when you’re applying textures


So what if they were was a cabin 🤔

I will be mind blown if they have cabin

UV mapping? This image might make it easy to understand.


I didn’t know what it was either until I watched this video. I think this explains the process in a way that I can at least understand the science. Google. The world is at your finger tips.


They said that there would be a cabin (or at least that is how I interpreted it), but I’m sure that is a different process.

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What you are looking there is what Flat earthers see.

Flat earthers take the globe model and make it a UV map!

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I got mate who believes in flat earth! Every time I try to explain he simply says “prove it” he is been annoying me for yrs :D

See I’m happy that someone asked!! Cause not just him learn’t something new. Many of us members have learn’t something new! too

If the image isn’t working, let me know (This is my picture for when I took Game Design/Graphics for two years)

I know I had a picture of when I was putting on textures on a 3D object I was making using a UVW I had exported as a .jpeg from 3DS Max.
The Top monitor shows the Flattened sections of the object, while the lower monitor shows me using Photoshop to put on the “textures”. The real UVW is in Photoshop, as once I save it, I can then put it onto the object in 3DS Max and have it textured all around.

I usually do this so i can see if I missed any textures.

This UVW was for a 3D model of a Motorized chair I made in 3DS Max. It actually came out great!

It’s best to make multiple copies of a UVW to experiment with different textures, and have the original unchanged :)

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Thank you guys!

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