What is up with NonstopVirtual?

Just wishing to know what happened to them… I know they are “building their new thread”, but that’s what they have told me in September. I also never see anybody of them flying even though I mostly fly in Germany. Does anybody know?




NonStop Virtual is showing active on the IFVARB VA Database. Your best bet would be to send them a direct message here on the IFC instead of creating a topic. If you need further assistance with getting in touch with them or have any questions, feel free to direct message me and I’ll see what I can do!

(Additionally, I changed this topic to Live VA.)

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I did all of this already. They told me to wait for the new thread and that they would be open for applicants then. That was in September

Understood. I’ll reach out to the CEO and get back to you via direct message.

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Thanks a lot!

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Hey! Non-stop Virtual is going through some restructuring changes and has paused all operations. We will most likely see them re-open operations again in this year.

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Hi there. Currently, Non Stop Virtual are having some restructuring change and stop all flight and operation at this moment. The VA should be continue to operate this year

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I’m in NSV. Flew for them today. Their going through some changing but will come back stronger than ever. Current members can fly under the NSV name but pirep checks have stopped for the time being.