What is trim used for?

I never use this feature in cockpit because i don’t know about the function. Anybody dan explain?

Just did a quick search and found these for you ;)


Look at the above topic. If you need help with what kind of trim to use for certain aircraft then start asking here, the use of trim isn’t necessary on IF by if you want to evolve and use realistic and beneficial features that real aircraft have and use them begin to learn what it does and how it works. It will likely significantly improve your flying experience also.

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@Levet. You Helped me a lot, thanks for this.
@Chatta290. Got it buddy, thanks.
That’s true when you try to land plane without VS. It’s heavier control on the yoke, this the reason i always use VS. I Will try the trim to decrease heavier control and applying ini climbing too for faster climb.


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