What is Trim for?

Hey guys, i just wanted to ask some questions about what is Trim? I normally fly a Boeing 737-800 in IF and i rarely use trim… I use trim sometimes when im taking off. I set it to 3%. Is that correct? And worstly i dont know where trim is located in an aircraft! :( Can any body explain what is it for and where is it located. Tx

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When a pilot has to keep pulling back on the yoke during climb Trimming “nose up” in this case will neutralize that force. So the pilot doesn’t have to hold the yoke so far back with hard grip. The elevator will then Remain in the same position without any force required on the part of the pilot

The trim its self is the on the tail section but they look like the small wings that go out to the left and right

So if im flying a Boeing 737-800 how many precentage of trim should I use?

Honestly for that aircraft idk. I don’t use trim unless I’m heavy. But if you wanna just use for fun just set at normal takeoff were you would have a 10-15 degree climb rate =+1800-2000. And adjust as needed

@Oleksander_Lytvyenko Hay you forgot Tovarishch. Positive or Negative, which way is up “+” or “-”? And what are those “little wings” called? Technical is better me thinks. Do good work! Just Sayin!
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Thanks everyone!

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