What is transtion altiude and how to use it?

Some pilots ask an transition altiude. So far I know is that altiude in USA 18.000 Feet (in the netherlands it is 3500 Feet)and it’s the altiude you most set you airpress at 1013 (not sure).
Is that good or not, and

Pleas explain the transition command and how to use it as an ATC

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Transition is the altitude where the aircraft can pass your airspace (3 blue rings for Class B)

  • Your response should be an altitude within your airspace
  • Pilots are also requested to request Transition when you will by pass the airspace. (Not at FL200)
  • If they ask at FL200, feel free to ask them to check help pages.

If you have any more doubts, ask me :)


Thanks for this

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First I was thinking it says someting about Your altiude meter