What is trafic advisories

Hello IF community. Today I had a question about traffic advisories. What are they and can you tell me what they mean?

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Which runways are being used for pattern work and left or right traffic.

Hey! When you request traffic advisories, you’re asking pilots in the pattern to give you traffic advisories. For example, a response you might get is “San Francisco Unicom is using runway 28R, right traffic.” This tells you which runway is being used and which direction pilots are going after the option. This will help keep organization at uncontrolled airfields.


It’s basically advising other people what runway/traffic the uncontrolled airport is using.

They’re used when flying to an uncontrolled airfield to determine where the other traffic is and what the active runway is. When approaching and airport you would request traffic advisories and then you would report your positions and intentions on Unicom. Hope that helps!


Thank you so much. Now I have a better understanding.


Hey, I would also check out my tutorial on using unicom. It explains everything in unicom.

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