What is tomorrow’s hub?

The hub tommorow will most likely be EDDF and I wanna know if the other ones are going to have ATC Open.

Oslo (ENGM), Berlin Tegel (EDDT), Munich* (EDDM), Stuttgart (EDDS), Vienna (LOWW), Madrid (LEMD), Hamburg (EDDH)

Quick question thanks

Given that they’re all major airports, any one of them will weigh evenly to be the next biggest/busiest HUB

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Pretty sure most of them will be open during the day. EDDF will probably be the busiest one, though


I can see already many inbound into EDDF and EDDM.

They will likely have more traffic than the others.

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Yeah, like Leah said, Frankfurt is likely to be the busiest airport but I’m sure the others will be open as well which should be better particularly because of lower traffic.


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