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So I have been wondering for a while! There is this thing in-game that says “Screenshot Resolution Scale”! And when you press it gives you 3 options: 1X, 2X, 4X! Is this the quality of the screenshot, zoom level, colour enhancement or what? Like is it scaling my screenshots to 720p, 1080p HD level, 4K resolution?

Answers would be very appreciated!

Found this: Resolution Scaling: The Secret to Playable "4K Gaming" | TechSpot

Basically its the resolution that the image will have compared to your device’s resolution. For example 2x should double the resolution of your device’s native resolution. At least this is what I understand from a few articles I skimmed through

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So the picture will be better?

My interpretation of this is that when you take a screen shot in 4X compared to say 1X, it will take up four times more the amount of storage. Overall, this means the picture will look much better zoomed in in 4X compared to 1X or 2X.

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1X, 2X and 4X mean by how much each dimension of the picture will be multiplied by compared to your device’s size, thus, if your device is, for example, 1600x900, a 2X screenshot will be 3200x1800 pixels, aka 2^2=4 times the pixels (but not necessarily the size because compression rules), same for 4X. I personally don’t see much point in screenshots over 2X, but for some reason I still keep it at 4X because why not.


All of what everyone else just mentioned above 👆🏼

Better image quality, especially when cropping and zooming in!


Alright, Thank you, guys! And one last thing? When Infinite Flight posts WIP pictures on Twitter they are normally very high quality almost 4K/or 4K! Is this because of the screenshot resolution like the 4X option?

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I’m pretty sure,yes

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It is also worth mentioning, if you have not yet figured this out by yourself, that this setting only applies to screenshots that were made in replay mode with the photo button. It doesn’t change the resolution of your phone’s normal screenshots.

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Ah Okay @HerrMrSir! As I said I appreciate any answers from you guys!

Happy Flights!

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