What is this?

I accidentally found yellow circles what was it for? 🤨

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Could you click on it? I’m looking on the map, and I do not see anything.

Those are NOTAMs (Notice To Airmen) for those airports with special rules or restrictions to follow.

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Looks like a very wacky race track 😉


They are inactive TFRs. Temporary Flight Restrictions…
Click on them to see more details from when until when they are valid.
They come with information such as airshows, airplane Restrictions etc


ok thank you bro

sometimes I see a red circle that is a no-fly zone?

A red circle means that the TFR is in place and active. If it is orange it is not enforced yet. Usually you can see a date if you click on the TFR information when the enforcement of the TFR starts and ends.



bada bum bum

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I’ve always seen red ones like that, but never orange

Looks like a Whacky Racing 👀

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I don’t know but can you check it out and picture it and show it to us what is that, cause I also can’t find the yellow dot.

Maybe we getting one of those soon?

Yup, look at the TFR information

I might make a topic on it

I suggest to you to don’t do that, as the IF Staff will create it.

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yeah, I dont wanna spoil the ‘surprise’ factor

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No one

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The Hut

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