What is this?

I just updated my iPhone to IOS 14 (which threw a boat load of things off. Made me select a lot of settings again). When I opened infinite flight for the first time again, it gave me this notification. In my three years of infinite flight, never have I ever seen this before.

Does anyone have an idea of what this is? If a staff member would answer, that would be much appreciated!

I say you should allow it. Your local network is basically the network where all your devices are connected. You can say that your local network is synonymous to the home of your devices.

Infinite Flight connects to your local network and makes use of certain websites/apps in other devices. For example, if you have a joystick, you use LiveFlight Connect to connect your joystick to your Mac which is then connected to the game. This is why Infinite Flight wants to access your local network.

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Hey there! This is related to the iOS 14 update, and it’s seen across many apps. More information can be found in this thread.

In essence, it’s a new privacy feature Apple introduced for iOS 14.

“Apps now trigger a prompt the first time they try to interact with the local network. Until permission is granted all local network communication is blocked. The prompt includes a usage description that you specify in your app’s info.plist. Apps that haven’t updated to iOS 14 will show default reason text. If you notice a prompt that you don’t expect for your app, you might be using a third party framework that accesses the local network.”


Thanks a lot @soorajrajivekumar and @ToasterStroodie. Much appreciated

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No problem. Happy flying.

No worries! Stay safe, and have a great time :)