What is this?


Hello guys so I was wondering what does API mean when I do long hauls it’s in the ⚠️ and when I get close to my airport it goes back to normal can anyone answer please and thanks u

From what i know the api server is simply the inputs you make and the outcomes of it like speed and altitude.

I may be totally wrong though.

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Alright thanks cuz I always think it’s my internet

Heres a description of what it is from cameron which i found:

Meaning if anything happens to the status of it, it isnt your fault as its an internal component of the server.


Thanks man mods u can close this now


jUsT tO aDd On To ThIs

Don’t quote me on this at all, but I think I remember the devs saying they are making a new API to give more detailed information, and that the current one could run slower than usual.

I have it, but just ignore it when I’m flying 👍

The main reason I came here was just because I got the Halloween song ‘what’s this?’ From the Nightmare before Christmas. I just thought of another version of it though, here, don’t ask why. Have yourself a merry little bit of music. 😂


That is true, but that API is different to the one in the top right corner


🤣🤣🤣 lol thanks 🤣🤣👊🏽👍

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