What is this?

I’ve never seen this plane before.

I think is one of the aircraft that go to the Area 51. I read they were painted in white with a red line.

Never mind, those depart from McCarran and are B737s, with a broad red line over the windows.

I looked it up, It’s the Ratheon Flight Test Operations 727.


Boeing 727

That’s a weird duck. What’s with the funky nose cone?

It is a plane. (727) That’s all I know

It’s a 727 with nose cone from a fighter jet. By the looks of it looks like an F16 or F22 nose, but again, hard to tell from the picture. I know the US military tested the F-22 nose on a 757.

The reason as to why, I don’t know, but I guess it was to test the radar capabilities before building it into the jet.

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