What is This?

I’ve noticed these in towns which are in close proximity to airports, so I assume they are related to aviation. Perhaps related to approach?

Looks like the approach lighting system

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They are runway guidance lights to guide aircraft to the runway

I believe those are the lights at the base of the runway, before the threshold to guide you in from afar down the center line.

What airport is this picture taken at? @rob.mcauley

Looks like 2 different cross runways.

They definitely do not light up, and they are miles away from the base of the runway.

This particular photo was taken near KLGA. KJFK also has them in Long Beach, which would line up on the approach to the 31’s.

Again, I’m assuming they are related to the airports, but they don’t seem to be lights.

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Looking at the name on the box to the right, it says “street lighting”. Sometimes they have extensions for radio signals, vents, lights on them.

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Do street lightning are really has extensions for runway lightning system?

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