What is this WOW plane doing in Boston?

Yes I say that’s what happend

Both also have hubs in Boston or at least a somewhat hub for delta so that furthers the possibility.

Like how @Captain_Finck said maybe all the planes stayed where they last flew.I will ask.Maybe tomorrow

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Maybe it’s the Bruins plane?!?!?!?!

I’ve seen one as well at BWI


WOW air has no money to fly it back to where the aircraft could be based, so it most likely has been repossessed by a private company and waiting for its next customer. WOW air does not own the aircraft anymore


Here’s an article for reference.

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These aircraft may very well have been repossessed also before hand if they can’t pay the airports fees or they have been taken by the lessor

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I saw one at ewr as well

Airplane Repo 101 😂


HAHA Thats awesome!

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She’s been here for almost a month now. The flight back to Reykjavik (WW126) was cancelled the night of the cessation so it’s been chilling in north cargo ever since . Not sure what’s the future for TF-DOG. It definitely can’t stay there forever, that’s for sure.

What a sad sight.

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I think that there are some airlines that have bought the WOW A320 / A321 in the US and Canada.

I saw it in Boston too.


Maybe they got Diverted

Next to An Icland Air 757. The Irony is real.


Are you on a pixel ration?

Similar to this situation, I saw a Jet Airways 777 parked near the KLM Hangar in Amsterdam!

Find out the registration, then put it into the airline database on planespotters.net . They offer a seemingly unique summary of most airframe’s operators over the past, present, and future.

When I visited EWR around 4 weeks ago I saw the abandoned a321 also.