What is this WOW plane doing in Boston?

I flew to Boston this morning and am flying back to Minneapolis tonight on the 9:07 JetBlue flight. However, when I landed this morning, I saw a plane that I thought I would never see again: the WOW air A321.

I am quite confused; why is this plane in Boston and not Reykjavik if WOW air collapsed?
Thanks for the help


Most likely no crew to fly it back.

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Maybe it’s being repainted to fly for another airline.


Gone to storage

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When WOW air ceded operations I believe all their planes stayed were they last were

It gained teleportation after listening to sicko mode. Not even lying.


My guess Is that it was bought by another airline.

I heard Air Canada have taken over leasing on wows ex aircraft.

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No crew is going to fly for free. WOW Air ceased operations which means they ceased paying their pilots. All aircraft are going to remain where they were until they can find crews to bring aircraft back to Iceland or back to Airbus.

I would fly an A321 for free lol.


Someone would have to fuel that plane before the crew could fly it, and WOW wasn’t doing that

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This is who bought them Air canada rouge

Same here in my local airport. Gone a while ago.

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It used to have has 1 flight a day to BOS.I spotted it everyday when passing the airport.I live in Boston so I know

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Jetblue would be the only airline fit with a possible painting facility in Boston, maybe Delta but that is very strange.

Wow air has closed down and ceased all operations.

All we know now is that the remaining aircrafts went out here for maintenance purposes.

Well it probably came from somewhere else

Both airlines fly A321s, so that’s a possibility.

It probably was there when WOW air collapsed, and never left.

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