What is this thing called?

The thing let you to know your approximative path in a minute. Example :

that ‘thing’ is called a ‘vector’.


That ‘thing’ has a topic made by dushy already


Wait, is that while controlling or flying? And why have I never seen this?

Why was this in the lounge?

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It’s called a track vector. Generally the line is a distance of 2 minutes 😳 Yes, distance is a time. But it can be changed by the pilot based on his/her preference.

30 seconds I think in IF.

I’ve never seen this before… can we get a picture?

I’m pretty sure Gregg is asking the name for making a feature request. If I’m not wrong ;-)

You are wrong… 🤔

what a pity ;-(

I will just find the correct name before

Anticipation line from what Laura said