What is this? (spotted at HK)

I saw this at 5:30 PM ish in HK. What do you think it is?

  • Shooting Star
  • Plane on Fire
  • Stealth Fighter Jet
  • UFO
  • Other, please comment

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I put fighter jet because I checked FlightRadar24, and didn’t find anything.

good find, Im actually not sure im going to say fighter jet or plane contrail

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Is 5:30 too early for shooting stars?

Maybe it’s a contrail, possibly yellow because of the reflection of the sun rise?


Has to be a fighter jet

Where’s the plane then?

You can’t really see planes clearly that high up.

Obviously it could be a shooting star.

Cant be a shooting star, unless it left some smoke up on the air.
Most likely a plane.

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A plane leaving a vapor trail…most provably.


But vapor trail will disappear immediately!

Lol someone put UFO 😂

Aliens! 👽 it was clearly a UFO!

Joking obviously!

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Contrails don’t disappear immediately, they disappear over several minutes.

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They don’t disappear immediately…

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I tried checking FlightRadar24, didn’t find anything.

Unless you meant stealth jet

An option could be that it was a satellite entering earth’s atmosphere.

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Or a military plane, they don’t show up on FR24.

Is there any warning/post by China Military regarding this?

I don’t think so.