What is this plane?

I was in Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map and I see this think. Can I know what It is? Plz

It’s a balloon or something, just googled it and it seems to be something called “Project Loon.”

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you should change the category to #real-world-aviation

I googled and I see thanks you!

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I know but he didn’t work I don’t know why

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That is not a plane but more of a science initiative hosted by Google’s parent company Alphabet. Project Loon had the goal to bring fast wifi and mobile service to underserved locations around the world. They had a fleet consisting of 35 unmanned reusable stratospheric balloons in which would be launched into the upper atmosphere until they cooled and inevitably sank down to earth.

As of this morning, Alphabet announced that they will be ending the Project Loon internet balloon branch and focus on other stuff. One reason for this is due to SpaceX’s rapid domination of the satellite industry by rapidly sending communication satellites into low earth orbit in their goal of sending 42,000+ communication satellites orbiting around the earth to make mobile service and WIFI cheap and efficient for the whole world!

Learn More About Project Loon:

Learn More About Elon Musk’s Starlink Project:


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Leave it to the Lord of Balloons to inform us of what this helium mass is. Thanks @Balloonchaser